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  3. By the shores


  4. Anonymous said: How do you have good contact's and personal relations with people? Any advice?

    Listen to what people have to say

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  7. Anonymous said: Your social media in a nut shell post! ON POINT. So relevant. I'm both saddened and relieved that it's not just a California problem.

    Your welcome


  8. Anonymous said: What festivals are you booked for the rest of the year? :)

    Probably just Falls at Byron. I don’t do much photo work anymore

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  10. Feel sorry for city slickers haha..

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  11. Social media in a nut-shell;


    50th selfie in the same position with a caption about how good or bad your day is.

    Photo of lunch, Tagging people who your sitting with at lunch so they can sit on their phones and comment on the photo as well.

    Designer label give away.


    Food & coffee.

    Coffee art.

    Photo of yourself including a 100 word “inspiring” caption.

    Photo taken from the internet including a passage of writing taken from the internet aka stealing.

    Photo of the path you are doing your daily exercise on with the hashtag #progress #gettingthere

    Captions “Wishing I was back here” 

    People away on holidays posting 10 000 images of the places they are just to prove to others they are doing something cool rather than enjoying the moment.

    If you have instagram you are most definitely a photographer now.

    Ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after brainwash after brainwash.

    Thank god it’s friday posts, Fuck Mondays I wish it was Friday posts.

    "Hold up I just want to check in first"

    I’m so raw and organic that I need to post photos of my dinner to every one on the cyber-world (the most un-organic thing to exist).

    "Have you wished your friend that you met overseas about 6 years ago and haven’t spoken to since Happy Birthday today?.. Yours faithfully, Facebook."

    "…is now in a relationship"

    Photo of legs #hotdogsorlegs

    Gym photo flexing.

    Photo at airport captioned “Coming for you Sydney”

    Status saying “Fuck this”.

    Friends you may know.

    Instascam_4_you liked your photo

    Instascam_4_you said: Hey! Would you like more followers FAST?

    Red / orange cloud photo titled with the town your in looking pretty.

    Photo of bed.

    Screen shot of a message convo of a personal joke that no one else gets but they obviously have to see.

    Photo of Cara Delevingne.

    Selfie trying to be Cara Delevingne.

    Screenshot of flight details for a holiday in 10 months time.


    Over use of emoji’s

    False advertising.

    People getting famous for shamelessly posting photos wearing minimal clothing.

    Famous people getting 100000000 ‘likes’ for a photo of the concrete.

    Talented artists getting 10 ‘likes’ for true creativity but aren’t famous.

    "Why isn’t instagram working" 

    Photo of expensive materialistic item titled “wish I could afford this $600 dress” even though 8% of the world live off less than a dollar a day.



    Repeat 365 days a year


  12. Anonymous said: what made you become a vegetarian

    Once I was old enough to understand what actually happens to animals before they are ‘food’ the decision was easy


  13. madisontdaw said: I love every photo on your blog honestly, I aspire to be as sophisticated behind a camera as you seem from your work

    Very kind.

  14. Made a friend on the farm

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