1. Anonymous said: What time do you usually go to sleep and when do you wake up? Your picture of the moon was so cool I love it!

    If I’m working on the farm up before 5 but around 6 on weekends. Thanks 🌛

  2. Not long until I can start shooting again!

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  3. joshhedge:

    Having a body clock that wakes you up before 6 in the morning has it’s advantages..

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  4. @joshhedge

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  6. Anonymous said: yay! Your vegetarian!! How long? And what are your reasons for it? x

    4 years.. Because I value the life of animals

  7. Somewhere to sleep ~ Wood for a fire ~ Food on plates 


  8. lost-faces said: hey!! tumblr referred your blog to me and i had to check it out! I shoot film here and there, i just actually started a few months back! I have a canon eos 630 and i adore it. it's taken some amazing shots and it's mind boggling all of the different things its capable of. I was taking a look at some of your photos, do you have any suggestions or tips? I do a lot of action with digital cameras, but ive found i really like nature with film. have a wonderful day my friend.

    Film is way better, But both are good for different things. Photography in general is mind boggling so just enjoy it ~ No need to over think things.

  9. "So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking"

  10. Kickin’ back

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  12. Nothingness

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  13. Latest video that I filmed and edited for a talented musicians new single + Also had to feature in it haha. 

    Enjoy and check out her other work too!

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