1. I don’t know if I’m being featured by Tumblr still or not but there are so many of you now (And an overwhelming amount of support in messages), so hello and thank you. 

  2. Being able to do something you enjoy while nature puts on a show like this is pretty special.

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  3. Old mate catnapping amongst a piece of paradise in the concrete world.


  4. idiotontheroad asked: Love your pictures. You are really talented! :) Best regards from Croatia, Europe

    Thank you.


  5. Anonymous asked: Will you be attending blues festival near Byron bay this year?


  7. joshhedge:

    Not the easiest of things to focus on with a film camera..

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  8. Anonymous asked: your so cool .love your pictures, come to new york

    One day. New York looks cold and I like cold

  9. A nice moment..

  10. Best place in the world.

  11. Some people are just too cool.

  13. One of my favourite things to look at is a shadowed cloud


  14. honalie asked: love your photos! do you have an instagram?

    Cheers, I do it’s @joshhedge

  15. I made it to Hobbiton!