1. (Source: joshhedge)

  2. Colourful world.

    (Source: joshhedge)

  3. Sickest cardigan

  4. Runway houses city clouds

  5. I like how film can create all the colours of the rainbow without even trying

  7. Nothing but good vibes √

  8. Rocking the fakey in lighting thats nothing short of perfection

  9. Tie dye ocean

  10. A morning when the Moon hung around to say hello to the Sun

  11. Silky sea’s 

  12. A lovely rising sun in Yamba

  13. Cool style all round

  14. Dreams dripping with rainbows

  15. It’s pretty eeery how ironic some things are in life ~ like this sign next to John’s head, I didn’t even notice it when I was taking portraits of him until I developed the film, Weird world this is.